DPF's Projects

Justice Advocates Project
This project empowers people with firsthand knowledge of the death penalty system to become advocates for fairness and justice.

California Crime Victims for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CCV)
CCV seeks to identify, mobilize and empower the families, friends, and loved ones of murder victims who oppose the death penalty.

Law Enforcement Outreach Project (LEO)
This project lifts up the voices of law enforcement and seeks to increase their visibility as opponents of the death penalty.

Youth Outreach Program
The Youth Outreach Program features projects that connect young people with opportunities to critically examine the death penalty and its alternatives.

Clergy and Faith Community Mobilization Project
This project seeks to identify, energize and mobilize clergy and the faith community in California against the death penalty.

Faces of Wrongful Conviction Project
This project brings the voices of men and women who were wrongfully convicted, former prosecutors, judges, and legal experts, to communities across California.

Writing Wrongs
A project aimed at encouraging individuals to educate the public about the flaws in the death penalty through letters to the editor.

1000 Congregations Campaign
The 1000 Congregations Campaign enables congregations of all faiths to engage in dialogue, discernment, education and prayer on the death penalty.

Unrepresented Death Row Prisoner Project (UDRPP)
UDRPP provides unrepresented, indigent prisoners on California’s death row with access to postage stamps, paper, and toiletries.

International Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Death Penalty Focus sits on the steering committee of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.


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