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Posted by on February 21st, 2013

We're really excited to be supporting a new documentary series - One For Ten - that will tell the stories of ten innocent people who were exonerated and released from America's death row.

Ray Krone is just one of those innocent people. One for Ten chose Ray's story to be the first of their short films. You can check it out here (Danny Glover even introduces it!)

Over five weeks in April and May, One for Ten will travel across the country, producing two films a week for immediate online distribution. All the films will be free to watch and free to share.

They are supported by a broad coalition of charity partners of which we're excited to be a part and the project is totally interactive, which means you can have a hand in asking the questions and giving your feedback on the films as they're released.

In order to make this project happen, One for Ten needs support and funding. Watch what their project is all about, and if you want to see more, consider contributing to their campaign.

You can support this project by LIKING them on Facebook, FOLLOWING them on Twitter and SHARING their campaign with your networks.

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  1. Comment by Mohammed Al-Mahmoud, May 5th, 2013 7:10pm

    Capital Punishment; Simple Solution to Complex Problems

    Capital punishment is defined as a process of execution for illegal crime. Currently 33 states are practicing capital punishment in forms of lethal injection, execution, hanging, or firing squad; all whom practice inhumane acts that demoralize humans as a whole. It allows people with equal rights known as the congress or state legislature, to determine our right to live; a right that only God should determine. Not only does it degrade the human race, it effects our economy substantially. The due process requires a lengthy process that costs the state millions of dollars a year. This amount is equivalent to life in prison for two inmates. By opposing the death sentence, we are decreasing the amount of tax spent on the court process and appeals, and distributing them to more effective programs such as education or drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Aside from these supporting facts, the death penalty has been proven to not deter crime rates. States that do not practice capital punishment have a lower crime rate than states such as Texas where the hanging method is still used. Not only have these facts proven to oppose capital punishment, it leaves little room to disagree.

  2. Comment by olivia, Feb 25th, 2013 6:40am

    Please help me change the death penalty system. Go to, create an account, and sign my petition. I need 150 signatures for it to be publicly searchable. Thank you!


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