Despite Proposition 34's narrow loss, support for the death penalty is declining

Posted by Jessica Lewis on November 19th, 2012

“The death penalty in California survived by a narrow vote on November 6, but around the country the signs are clear that capital punishment is slowly on the way out,” writes Richard Dieter, Executive Director of the Death Penalty Information Center, in his article “The Slow Demise of the Death Penalty.”

“Although California's recent vote means the death penalty will remain, the 47% of voters who favored replacing it indicates many Californians have had a change of heart regarding capital punishment. By contrast, the initiative that reinstated the death penalty in 1978 garnered the support of 71% of voters.”

Read the full Huffington Post article here.

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  1. Comment by Le Berthélaine, Jan 21st, 2013 10:20am

    »Poetic Parloir«

    According to the US DPIC Year-end-report-2012, the inclination towards the death penalty is waning; perchance capital punishment has reached its solstitial point?

    But be aware that the acrid craving for ´caput´ is cave deep in mankind. Therefore take a look around the globe; trot to India … after the horribly group-raping in December; hang-man-ropes where all over the place. And on the brim of Europe – in Belarus – execution was taken up again; two are down in technique-back-neck-shot.

    Essentially I ask: can one inhumane committed act of violence justify another? Inform yourself; take a Youtube-look-back at the history of death penalty.

    »In Violence of Technique - the Electric Chair«

    Le Berthélaine - Danish artist, writer and critic

  2. Comment by sara, Dec 28th, 2012 5:04am

    how did it go


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