URGENT: Get Out The Vote for Prop 34

Posted by on October 22nd, 2012

It's crunch time! We are now counting the days until November 6, when Californians will have a chance to vote YES on Proposition 34 to replace the state’s death penalty with life without the possibility of parole.

Death Penalty Focus has been a critical part of this effort, and now we're reaching out to ask our community for support.

The campaign is seeking volunteers to fill each of the following important roles:

Phone Banking: Help reach 100,000 voters by calling through a targeted list. Yes on 34 staff will train and prepare you to have these critical one-on-one conversations. You can join one of many phone bank locations or you can call from the comfort of your home.

Door-to-Door Canvassing: Join Democrats and other Prop 34 allies as they go door-to-door in their neighborhoods, passing out literature and discussing the important issues and candidates on this years ballot in order to ensure that our supporters go to the polls and vote!

Street Outreach: Meet up with fellow volunteers in your area at one of the many community festivals and events happening the Friday before the election. As a group, you will pass out flyers and answer questions about the initiative to passersby. The Monday and Tuesday before the election, Yes on 34 volunteers will be passing out flyers at busy transit locations.

Office Help: Help Yes on 34 prepare materials for Get Out The Vote by cutting flyers, packaging materials, and making volunteer recruitment phone calls.

Please sign up to volunteer via the Yes on 34 site here.

Thank you for your help - on November 6, we will make history!

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  1. Comment by olivia, Feb 25th, 2013 6:34am

    Please help me change the death penalty system. Go to whitehouse.gov, create an account, and sign my petition. I need 150 signatures for it to be publicly searchable. Thank you!
    Link: http://wh.gov/vkT5

  2. Comment by DPF Staff, Nov 13th, 2012 11:57am

    To Hal:

    Thanks for your comment. The opposition to Prop 34 did form and consisted of mostly District Attorneys and the Police Officers Research Association.

    The campaign had a very robust online presence (e-mail and social media) and ground presence with over 7,000 volunteers. Additionally, there were over 100,000 phone calls to registered voters, and materials were included in many local Democratic club and Union voter guides.

    Of course, an even more robust campaign would have been even better. More financial support to run ads in all counties (ads were primarily run in SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego) would have been preferable, and more volunteers to reach even more voters would have been great. I'm sorry you didn't receive any of the information, it can be difficult to reach every voter on a limited budget.

    We will continue to work on education and are confident that the death penalty's days are numbered here in California. Thanks!

  3. Comment by Hal Hassin, Nov 13th, 2012 11:38am

    I attended a talk by Jeanie Woodward in Tiburon at which I asked her who the opposition to prop 34 would be. She indicated there was no opposition. Clearly, she was overly optimistic.

    During the campaign I never received a request for donation, saw a TV ad, or received a flier in the mail.

    It doesn't surprise me that the proposition failed, since its passage depended on the electorate understanding the underlying economics of litigation and maintaining the condemned population. To say nothing of supporting the relocation of San Quentin.

    What we learned from this experience is that more outreach will be necessary for passage of this proposition.

    Hal Hassin


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