Families of murder victims speak out

Posted by Chelsea Bond on September 20th, 2012

California Crime Victims for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CCV), a project of Death Penalty Focus and Murder Victim Families for Reconciliation, has been an outlet for families of murder victims to speak about their opposition to the death penalty.

It is often said that the death penalty is needed to give closure to the families who have lost their loved ones. But what if you find that the death penalty does not give you closure, relief, or justice? 

In a series of videos, our CCV members explain why they have chosen to support alternatives to the death penalty. Please take a moment and watch!

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  1. Comment by Tondja Woods Colvin, Jan 2nd, 2013 4:31pm

    Tondja Woods Colvin-Advance, NC

    I thought that I agreed with the death penalty for first degree murder until The Innocence Project of North Carolina and the SBI lab being closed for fabricating evidence.

    Until there is a guarantee there are no more Greg Taylors, Dwayne Allen Dail and Darryl Hunts, the death penalty must be stopped.

    No lawsuit can bring a human back to life that has been put to death in error.


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