The time has come. We’re ending the death penalty.

Posted by Ana Zamora on
Program Director

Mark your calendars, friends: November 6, 2012 will be a day to celebrate. It's the day we're going to end the death penalty in California.

On August 29, 2011, Taxpayers for Justice, a group of law enforcement professionals, crime victim advocates, and individuals exonerated from wrongful conviction, launched the SAFE California Campaign, to put before the voters an initiative that will replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. It has taken years, even decades of work by many of you to get to this point. I know some people thought it might never happen. But it is really happening. And yes, we really can win-with your help.

SIGN UP NOW to join this tremendous and historical effort to end the death penalty. We are actively seeking volunteers to help gather the signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

Now, a little information about the initiative.

The SAFE California Act will:

  • Replace California's death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole; 
  • Require inmates to work and pay restitution to the victims' compensation fund; and
  • Allocate $100 million over three years to solve more murders and rapes in California and protect our families.

The SAFE California Act is an important law because:

  • Murders and rapists need to be caught and brought to justice. But 46% of murders and 56% of rapes go unsolved every year. We need to use our limited resources to investigate and solve these crimes and keep our families safe, not on our broken death penalty. 
  • We remain at risk of executing an innocent. Nationally, 139 people have been freed from death row after they were found to be innocent. With the death penalty, we will always risk executing innocent people. 
  • Since California voted to reinstate the death penalty in 1978, our state has spent $4 billion dollars to execute only 13 people. If the SAFE California Act is passed by voters on November 6, 2012, we will save $1 billion in only five years.

The SAFE California Act will prevail at the ballot because:

  • Californians are changing their minds about the death penalty every day. A July 2011 poll found that 54% of likely voters support replacing the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. 
  • We have the tremendous support from Death Penalty Focus members LIKE YOU. In order to qualify for the ballot, we need to gather signatures and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO SO. Please sign up today, or let me know personally that you would like to join me and the rest of the DPF staff in gathering signatures. You can email me at

For additional information and to receive updates from the campaign, please visit the Taxpayers for Justice website at

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  1. Comment by tony, Sep 20th, 2011 4:08pm


    I have sent 2 requests and feel that the govenor of Georgia must intervene here, as there nappears to be a question regarding his guilt or innoncence in this crime.

    I would advise to send something out to the govenor requesting a stay until furthur information is procurred.

    I hope you can help.


    Tony Ness

  2. Comment by Ruth, Sep 9th, 2011 1:02am

    Love it. Now we just need to pardon all the innocent people who will be going from death row to life imprisonment.

    That's great for us in California, but what are we going to do to save about Troy Davis and Mumia? And let's hope Perry doesn't wind up Pres.


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