Wilbert Rideau on NPR's Fresh Air; will be in CA next month

Posted by Stefanie on April 27th, 2010
Wilbert Rideau

Wilbert Rideau was sentenced to death in Louisiana at the age of 19. After a decade on death row, his sentence was changed and he was transferred to the notorious Angola prison.  He has a new book out titled  "In the Place of Justice: A Story of Punishment and Deliverance." 

Listen to him on NPR's Fresh Air

Rideau will be speaking in Marin on Thursday, June 3rd at Book Passage. More details are available on our Events page.  You can purchase the book from independently owned Book Passage.

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  1. Comment by Norma J F Harrison, May 13th, 2010 5:19pm

    Street crime is caused by the social injustices that encraze us - for the moment or long term or permanently. It'll be good for us at this event to reflect on the cause of this murder and the causes of not only robbery and battery, but rape and child abuse, which can be thought to be more distant from social aberrations, but aren't. The same with auto 'accidents'. Definitely the same with the murder and mayhem our Owners, the bossed commit on workers at the job. Those cave-ins and murderous break downs are not accidents.
    Our society is based on not caring. Caring costs money. Caring requires equality - all of us deserving of fair and good treatment. A joke in a recent Harper's went the boss says 'for capitalism to work you must be an underpaid underling'.
    These afflict young people who get bored and confused in their role of being confined to the institution that prepares them for this relationship. Young people are as burdened in this 'child protecting' society as they were when enslaved to those horrible jobs pre-child-labor laws; as are children in the fields today.
    And we want to remark about children made into enforcers of their nations' rules - the 9 year old soldiers.
    Children of the 'global north' experience similar requirements - to fit themselves into acceptance under similar, brutal models.


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