Justice Advocates Project

Franky Carrillo, DPF Justice Advocate, speaking about his experience.

 The Justice Advocates Project empowers people with firsthand experience of the death penalty system, including the wrongfully convicted and law enforcement professionals, to become advocates for fairness and justice.

For more information please contact David Crawford at david@deathpenalty.org, or call 415-243-0143.

Request a Speaker:

Our Justice Advocates are able to speak about their experience and the death penalty to your organization, school, or church. Please fill out this form to request one of our powerful speakers. 

Meet our Justice Advocates:

Franky Carrillo

At 16, Franky was wrongfully convicted of a 1991 murder based solely on eyewitness testimony. Franky spent 20 years in prison before being released and exonerated in 2011 after every witness recanted.

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Obie Anthony

In October of 2011, Obie was released from a California sentence of life without the possibility of parole, after 17 years of wrongful imprisonment.

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Aaron Owens

In 1980, Aaron was seven years into a life sentence for a double homicide he did not commit, when he saw his last hope for freedom during a parole board hearing. That hope came from an unlikely source: the prosecutor who had sent him to prison in the first place.

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Nick Yarris

In 2004, Nick became the first death row inmate in Pennsylvania to be proven innocent with DNA evidence.  He has shared his experience with countless people through presentations, his book, and his film.

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